Not Another Prayer (N.A.P.) is an Alternative/Prog - Nu Metal band formed in 2020 in Palermo, Italy.
After a few line-up changes, they managed to find a harmony that led them and keeps leading them to constantly produce new music. 

The members of the band have different influences, ranging from early 2000s Nu Metal, Metalcore, Progressive Metal and even Pop. Therefore, their songs mix up all of this elements and genres to make something new and original.

In 2022, the band had the opportunity to play at the Renzo Barbera Stadium in Palermo (IT) and joined the record label Vasto Records, releasing their first EP "Vicious Circle" in October 2022. 

N.A.P. are: Roberto Pecoraino (vocals, keyboards), Emanuele Lo Giudice (guitars), Angelo Vedda (bass), Matteo Visconti (guitars) and Salvo Geraci (drums).